“We purposefully decided to let our fans take part in this ongoing journey. It is important to us that the fans are able to have insight into the process of creating the album”, says the head of the project Marco Mazotti, who is also the bass player and the main songwriter. He adds, “To keep the fans as close as possible is part of what makes this project so special.”

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Fans, Band, Crew & Live

JESTER`S Crew; Marco Mazotti (songwriting/production, bass, backing vocals), Madeleine Rascher & Gabriela Grossenbacher (vocals), Sigrist Andreas (el. & ac. guitar), Kuschi Kuster (el. & ac. guitar, Alex Vesper (drums), Sanne Wiwe (story concept), Reto Flühmann (graficdesign), Michel Laredo, Diego Valsecchi & Crila Laforerst (voice over Jester`s Story), Fabienne Briggeler (media & general advise), Kusi Häni (video chapter 3-7)

About the band: Known musicians from Switzerland and Germany are involved in the project. (References include: Yellow, Halunke, Stefanie Heinzmann, Dada ante Portas and Gölä). In December 2017 the sixth song was released. Each song is put out with a video and lyrics that are meant to make you think about life and all it entails. Chapter seven will be finished and released in March 2018!

Comments from listeners

"Great songs, awesome vocals!" Ricardo M., Argentina

"It's one of those songs that gives me the extra drive to get through the day! I really like the drive and the sort of power it has to make you listen and actually get going instead of being stuck as usual. Looooove the slap bass! And Madeleine is flipping awesome! I like it a lot! You guys are awesome." (H.Nielsen, Danmark)

"Your song from chapter one moves me to tears. It feels like the great BOOM, pure happiness, longing and fulfillment, all rolled in to one" (L.H from Bern)

"Congratulations! I haven't feel like that since I heard "The Wall" from P. F. Thank You for giving me this opportunity!" (Robert A., Bulgaria)