TIGER (Official song chapter 2)

JESTER`S STORY (Chapter 2)


Quote in the video of chapter 2


Music Crew

The story and media crew

Logo by Reto Flühmann, storytelling and general advice by Sanne Wiwe, story voice by Momo Michael Laredo

The video of TIGER is the first intercontinental collaboration of Jesters Quest. Thanks Vidblain and Rodrigo for your passion and idea! Vidblain and Marco went to english class together back in 2002 (Vancouver) and have kept in touch over the years.

Song Credits


Music : M.Mazotti

Lyrics : Ryan MacGrath/M.Mazotti

Aditional arrangement : Andreas Sigrist

Recorded and mixed : M.Mazotti @ MM Studios, Bern, Switzerland

Drums recorded by Alex Vesper @ Köln

Musicians : Chiara Furrer, Kent Stettler, Ryan MacGrath (vocals), Marco Mazotti (bass, acoustic guitars, programming, vocals), Andreas Sigrist (electric guitars), Alex Vesper (drums)

Mastering : Oli Bösch

Video: Directed by Vidblaín Balvás & Rodrigo Frías. Production: Rodrigo Frias. Cinematography & edit: Vidblaín Balvás. Post-production: Acidas Films Mx. ( Filmed in Mexico City. 

Story concept : Sanne Wiwe & M.Mazotti

Story voice : Michel Laredo 

Story music & cut : M.Mazotti

JESTER`S QUEST February 2017


Making of TIGER

Making of (Bass)

Making (ac. git)

Momo, our voice over from Canada, together with Marco in a 12string bass jam (2016)