Der neue Song "LIVING THE NOW" ist da! (Okt 2017)


It`s not a party til it`s out of hand, til it gets bigger than we ever planned, it`s running naked when the moon is full, truly living when we lose control. It`s high time to feel right, jump into the night, it`s our will to seek a thrill!

Wind on a tight rope, slipping down a steep slope, our blood is pumpin’, there`s no time for rest. Forget the past, we`re gonna make now last, WE HAVE COME BACK FROM THE EDGE OF LIFE AND DEATH

Burnin` rubber from our comfort zone, fear of livin` going up in smoke. Leave the ball and chain behind, we`re sick of waiting so we heat up the sky. It`s high time to feel right, jump into the night, it`s our will to seek a thrill

Jester`s Story (Englisch)

Jester`s Geschichte (Deutsch)

Der Oeschinensee, Schauplatz unseres neuen Videos zu "Living the NOW".


Crew & Credits


Music : Marco Mazotti

Lyrics : Ryan MacGrath / Mazotti 

Aditional arrangement : Andreas Sigrist / Madeleine Rascher

Recorded and mixed : M.Mazotti @ MM Studios, Bern, Switzerland

Drums recorded by Alex Vesper @ Köln

Video & cut by Markus Häni, Drone by Sven Allenbach Video assistence by Janine Bossert

Location : Kandersteg, Oeschinensee

LIVING THE NOW feat. Madeleine Rascher, Petra Minnig (vocals), Marco Mazotti (bass, vocals), Andreas Sigrist, Michael Kuschi Kuster (guitar), Alex Vesper (drums)  

Mastered by Oli Bösch

Story concept : Sanne Wiwe & M.Mazotti

Story voices : Michel Laredo & Crila Laforest 

Story music : Marco Mazotti / Madeleine Rascher

Logo : Reto Flühmann

Press/Newsletter : Fabienne Briggeler

JESTER`S QUEST October 2017


Live Premiere - 24.Sept 2017

Livepremiere! Petra Minnig, Marco Mazotti, Madeleine Rascher, Kuschi Kuster

Kusi und Marco - Locationcheck für Videodreh! (15.Sept 2017)